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Free Shipping on all orders above CAD $199
(due to increase in shipping, the free shipping minimum has increased as well)
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Free Shipping on all orders above CAD $199
(due to increase in shipping, the free shipping minimum has increased as well)
*Restrictions Apply

Five Items That Just Made Sense To Purchase For My RV Trailer!

Five Items That Just Made Sense To Purchase For My RV Trailer!

Vent cover (MAXXAIR)

I have found the maxxair to beneficial with no con's in my opinion. First off I can leave my vent lid open to allow air to sweep threw my Trailer and keep things fresh and aired out! I don’t have to worry about a flimsy vent lid flying off in my travels. Secondly, then Maxxair provides protection keeping out the elements from possibly entering your trailer, especially rain! Hell, I can even leave my vent cracked open during the winter months.

Might I add that over time your vent lid becomes brittle from the sun beating down on it. The Maxxair will extend the life of your vent lid! One less thing to worry about replacing down the road.

The max air is constructed aerodynamically and overall adds a sharp look to your trailer. It has a mesh built into it on the back side that allows air to pass through the trailer, also Helps with keeping bugs/ debris out.

Most importantly, its faired priced and easy installation.

Note that you don’t have to have a RV to use this item. Enclosed trailers and horse trailers can use them as well.

Buy The Maxxair Vent Cover


Carefree Vinyl Liquid Patch 

Now I hoped to never use this item however, here we are. I found it super convenient to keep in my trailer. Why you may ask? Well, this product is great for repairing small holes in canvas and other similar materials. For instance. I was camping with the family on May 24 weekend. Come night fall we decided to light a pretty fair size fire that towered over me! I’m 5’9”. Seemed like a great idea till the day after when I realized, due to the large fire we had a few ambers found their way through my awning.

Luckily, I thought ahead and purchased the vinyl liquid patch for such a occasion. I was able to use this gel like product to seal the few pin holes that would of let annoying drops of water to pass through my canvas and drip in unwanted areas. This product also prolong a future replacement of my awning as the holes could of gotten larger if possibly left untreated.

Buy The Carefree Vinyl Liquid Patch

LED Lighting

As most trailers these days come with them. There is still a lot of Trailers out there that don’t have them. Particularly older units, such as one of my older and smaller Trailers that I have. I don’t have to preach the benefits to you. However, let me remind you that they are certainly brighter and use a lot less battery power! Especially when dry camping is where they really shine! Considering you are only using 12v battery power.

I converted all my lighting over to LED. This is one thing that just really makes sense regardless. I will continue to use them for everything.

Oh… Did I mention they make sense and add a modernized touch to your trailer?

Buy The Arcon Soft White Bulb


Camco RV Toilet Treatment

Now, I don’t know if you have ever been driving down the road behind a RV or in Trailer park. Even in your own Trailer. Have you ever smelt this horrible odor emanating from your Toilet or from your trailer or other trailers? Just smells god awful. Well simply solution here, use these products as they help greatly to reduce odors as they are a deodorizer and waste digester to help break down the waste in your black tanks. Also makes it easier when you want to drain your waste tank as it will reduce clumping and help flow. Truthfully it’s a act of decency using such a product. Simply put the chemical into your Toilet and flush it. It will take a little for the product to take action. I only use this product with a odor becomes noticeable. Typically odor presents itself when your waste tanks are close to full.

Buy The Camco RV Toilet Treatment 32 Oz 


Marbite Towel Holder

This little creation, I have found to be really impressive and handy! I have a few in my house and two in my bass boat. Not to mention in my trailer of course. You may or may not of seen them around.

The Marbite is simply a little device that fastens to the wall by the means of screws or double sided tape for quick install. You also don’t have to worry about putting holes into whatever you maybe fastening it to, as long as you are using the sticky double sided tape.

I can leave my shower towels hanging in the trailer and don’t have to think twice about them falling. The Marbites are strongly designed and can hold a lot of weight when fastened by means of screws. I have experimented! I’ll leave you to find out how much they can hold. You maybe surprised!

Regardless, they are a great item and to me. They have made a lot of sense to have! They have various colors to choice from. And trust me when I say this. I don’t just put anything in my bass boat. When I do, it has to be useful!

The wife also highly approves of the Marbite! I bet you can’t guess what a large majority of family and friends are getting this Christmas;)

Buy a Marbite Towel Holder

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