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Must Have Essentials for New RV Owners

Must Have Essentials for New RV Owners

RV camping is so much easier when you have the right gear or essentials! While preparing for an RV adventure is exciting and sitting behind the wheel of your new RV comes with a lot of elation and anticipation. But with the open road in front of you and the nearly endless adventures, it is extremely important for new RV owners to be prepared with the essentials ahead of time.


Now, when you purchase your first RV there is a lot to figure out. If you are looking to purchase or already own one, there are definitely items that are needed that don't come with your RV purchase. But what are they?


What if the campground you are visiting that doesn't have a full hook-up? Most of the new RV owners have all been there. So you first turn to the internet only to find out that everyone has their own opinion about what you will need.


Relax... we have got this for you! We promise you if you read till the end it gets easier and you can make a gear of your own for your next RV camping schedule.


Okay, new RV owners, let's dig in.


Pack Smartly: Tips for First-Time RVers (You don't need as much as you think)!

No matter how big or small your trailer or RV is, almost all RVs need some basic essentials. The first outing can feel just as stressful, but when you pack smartly it doesn't have to be. We are here talking about frilly gadgets like fairy lights and portable pizza ovens. Though those are important too for unique and lux features. In today's day of gadgets and gizmos, you could start to feel overwhelmed and call the whole thing off. All you need to do is, get your rig, some fuel, and a good attitude.


Below is an honest roundup of the essentials you really need to keep your RV safe, comfortable, clean, and functional. These are the essentials every new RV owner should buy before their first big trip.


Ultimate Essentials List For New RV Owner

    1. Surge Protector: The number #1 thing you should not skip out on and nor skimp on a cheaper alternative. Make sure to get the right one for you! You have already invested in a machine worth thousands of dollars, so spending a few dollars on a surge protector for RV use will save you time, hassle, and cost of having an electricity event in the campground. An event could be anything that could damage an electrical device in your RV, for instance, a power surge, brownout, or improperly wired pedestals.

    Buy surge protector


      2. Drinking water hose: Yes you read that right! To fill your freshwater holding tank, or to be connected to the city water while on the go, you need a dedicated drinking water hose. If you are a new RV owner, this is essential that you must not skip on. The material in the regular garden hose can contain unsafe material for drinking. While the drinking hose is manufactured keeping this aspect in mind.

      Buy drinking water hose

        3. Sewer Kit: Dumping RV tanks is not a fun job but someone has to do it. Generally, a new RV purchase does not include the sewer kit to dump your black tank. There might be situations where you might find yourself dry camping or on properties where it is legal and acceptable to drain your gray water.

          4. Electric Adapters: Again hoping to the electrical theme, you definitely need an electric or amp adapter. These come in handy when the campsite's electrical output is incompatible with the RV or the power plug doesn't match the pedestal receptacle. There is nothing worse than traveling all day, pulling into an overnight RV park, and realizing there are no Amp sites left for your rig. Having an adapter will save you a trip to the store and enable you to hook up to any power outlet.

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            5. Water pressure regulator: Not using one? You are holding a great risk of flooding your RV. All it takes is one time for the water connection to be so great that it bursts one of your lines. A water pressure regulator helps to regulate the pressure and ensure a safe flow. Without a doubt, you can readily find cheaper versions that just don't do the job right.
            water pressure regulator

              6. Jacks & Levelers: Not all camping spots, even the paved campsites are always at level! You are living life on the wheels now, so make sure you are living on the level and staying put when you park. Jack pads and levelers are used to raising some of the tires to get the RV on an even plane.


                7. Toilet chemicals & Roofing Sealants: If you have been camping in your RV and came across different weather conditions you might have probably come across horrendous smells and leaking roofs. This is where toilet chemicals and roofing sealants come in handy. Tank treatments and toilet chemicals help to break down the stuff so that the RV toilet does not clog. While roofing sealant is a liquid that cures into the waterproof membrane, ensuring a clean and dry surface.

                toilet chemical

                  8. Wheel Hitch: This U-shaped hitch fits in the back of the tow vehicle and connects with a trailer. Once you detach your trailer and pull your towing vehicle away to grab groceries at the closest market, your trailer is nothing without putting one of these hitch locks in place. It is the best and most secure way to ensure that your trailer stays where you left it.

                  wheel hitch

                    9. Wheel Brakes: Whether it is about dropping your trailer or taking your personal vehicle away from your rig, you will need wheel brakes to keep things securely in place once your disconnect your RV. This is one of the simple new RV owner essentials on our list, but failing to get a quality pair can have some highest consequences unimaginable.

                    wheel brake

                      10. Hardware solutions like doors, vents, and storage: Hardware solutions are not an item you generally need to spend much time thinking about. But when a door latch fails, the consequences can be serious. Although an extra storage which is located under the floor of the RV you might need essentials to organize the space. When it comes to roof vents, we have a wide range of products to choose from. So you can be rest assured to find the best match.

                      Door Holder

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