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Rv 101: Everything You Should Know Before Your First Rv Adventure

Rv 101: Everything You Should Know Before Your First Rv Adventure

Rv 101: Everything You Should Know Before Your First Rv Adventure

In its essence, an RV is a motorhome that allows you to turn the journey into a vacation; with as many models as there are adventures to choose from, it truly is a vehicle that brings wonder back to the road. However, often it's the limitless nature of an RV that makes the prospect of researching them so overwhelming. Inexperience surrounding Trailers, Camping, PricePoints and Plumbing can often shroud the preceding elation one had towards purchasing an RV with an overwhelming sense of confusion. Here at RV Parts To Go we know the importance of ensuring that one's excitement to adventure is met and exceeded by their comprehension of what it takes to fully accomplish the journey. Not only for safety, but so you can ensure that the fulfillment of every RV trip is decided by pure imagination and not dispirited by inadvertent ignorance. Whether you're taking the dog or the whole family, the excitement of a trip can't feel real unless you have the know-how to pull off the journey responsibly. That's why here at RV Parts To Go we’ve answered a list of questions that should be asked at the beginning of each stage of the road trip, so no matter how far off or far along you are on the journey, there's something below that can make your next trip a little bit easier. 

Step One: Selecting an RV 

Do you know your options?

Before selecting your RV, you should understand all the options made available to you. To help you on that journey, here are five common RV types you can expect to find during the selection process: 

Class A Motorhome

Powered by gas or diesel, Class A's are some of the largest RV options available. These vehicles are constructed on a specially made chassis that allows you to indulge in spacious living quarters with slides that open the motorhome even further. 

Class B Motorhome

A small driver-friendly RV unit also known as a "Camper Van". These are easy to drive, versatile RV's with a compact structure, frequently equipped with a toilet, sink, and a shower. Class B only provides the bare necessities so that you can indulge in everything the road has to offer. 

Class C Motorhome 

A hybrid between the Class A and Class B Motorhome, these vehicles are known for their over-cab sleep area, allowing for roomier living space than their Class B counterpart. 

Fifth Wheels 

Large trailers that require a specialized hitch to be attached to the back of your vehicle. 

Truck Camper

Small RV's that are propped on top of your truck, these models prioritize flexibility and will often provide you with the bare necessities of a bed, kitchen, and bathroom. 

Where are you trying to go?

It's important to distinguish what type of adventures you're looking to have in an RV. For example, a spontaneous road trip where flexibility is prioritized might best be enhanced with a Class B. As opposed to a Class A Motorhome where maneuverability is restricted, a specialized license may be required, and fuel costs are premium. However, if you're looking for a prolonged vacation that offers the luxuries and amenities of a home on the road, then the Class A would be for you. It's important to ask yourself what are you trying to experience from your RV and then reverse engineer the vehicle features you will need to get there. 

Who are you going with?

One of the most influential components of an RV's functionality is the number of people residing in it. A family of five will demand different specifications from their vehicle than a solo traveller. 

What type of weather are you searching for? 

Freezing temperatures will require you to select a vehicle that can be winterized so that the cooler temperatures don't interfere with your comfort inside the RV. In comparison, warmer temperatures are best handled with an AC and a robust ventilation system. In short, you should select an RV with the functionality to ensure the weather is purely a part of your viewing and not your living experience.

Step 2: Preparing for the trip 

Is it a Pre-owned / Rental RV?

A pre-owned RV is an RV that needs to be inspected before setting off on any adventure. This will ensure that any unexpected malfunctions can be handled as a part of your prep instead of your getaway. One should initially check for dents, leaks, and cracks in the RV, along with the proper functionality of all systems and plumbing. 

How often will you need to cook? 

If you prefer full meals on your trip, complete the food prep like marinating, cutting and separating beforehand so that you can quickly cook up the meals you envisioned while on the road. Also, it is worth getting a compact 2 burner cooktop that would help you prepare fresh meals while you’re on the go.

What's your planned route? 

The size of your RV plays a direct influence on where you'll find adventure as larger RV's can require some logistical research due to their inability to traverse narrow paths and or twisting roads. 

Did you bring a Tool Kit? 

Equipping your RV with a standard Toolkit is a sure-fire way to be prepared for anything. For example, a blown tire can be a 3-hour delay without the proper tools instead of a 30-minute quick fix. Every owner should resign themselves to the fact that when it comes to unexpected mechanical issues, it's a matter of "if" not "when". That's why it's prudent to bring a toolkit to ensure you can swiftly repair any broken appliances. For any RV accessories that can't be fixed with tools, RV Parts To Go has you covered with all your RV accessory needs. 

Step 3: On the road

Have you maintained your RV's slide-outs and seals? 

The sealing mechanism of your RV is the primary function responsible for making sure your home is fully separated from the outdoors. Therefore, proper maintenance of Slide Outs should be conducted on a frequent basis by removing any dirt and dust that accumulates around the seams while also lubricating the sliders to mitigate wear and tear. 

Are you maintaining your holding tanks? 

Most RV's are equipped with holding tanks that store three different types of water, all with their own unique name. Simply put, Black Water is utilized to dispose of waste, Grey Water for cleaning and Fresh Water for drinking. The circulation of this water is your RV's plumbing system, with the holding tanks acting as the hearts. Therefore, their proper functionality should not be taken lightly, and it's imperative to ensure they're correctly maintained. This beginner’s bundle will cover you for all your plumbing needs.

Are you maintaining your RV awning?

Due to the awnings' exposure to the elements, it accumulates a significant amount of debris that can often develop into mould and mildew. However, this can be circumvented through regular cleanings of your awning during the trip to help you avoid irrevocable deterioration to the fabric.

An RV provides you with an unlimited amount of paths to choose from; and truly allows you to chase down your perfect vacation. It's this freedom that can cause a one-time RV vacation to develop into a complete change in lifestyle. But, like any lifestyle, there are do's and don'ts you can learn to enhance your experience. Here at RV Parts To Go, we strive to get those pesky learning lessons out the way for you by providing the Valterra Deluxe RV Starter Kit With DVD. A Kit meant to enlighten our customers on maintaining their RV so that your RV knowledge can always keep up with your ambitions. Product link: 

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